Yudonosan (Mt. Yudono) Ascetic Training Experience(Shoko Travel (Shoko Corporation Co., Ltd.))

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Experience rebirth of mind and body through Yamabushi training at Mt. Yudono

The three sacred mountains of Dewa were opened over 1,400 years ago and are one of the oldest mountain pilgrimage sites in Japan. Monks who dedicate themselves to training in these mountains are called Yamabushi. They strive for self-discipline and self-improvement through the practices and rituals of the ancient religion of Shugendo. During the Yamabushi mountain ascetic training, you will be guided through the rituals of takigyo (meditation under a waterfall), himatsuri (leaping over fire), and gyoshoku (meals during training). The melted snow water is extremely cold, so this training is only recommended for people in good health who are physically strong. Please also inquire about staying overnight at the sanrosho (confined area for prayer). If you do not speak Japanese, you must arrange for your own interpreter to accompany you (not included in the price). Content of the experience is subject to change depending on weather and other factors.

General Information

For a group of 5 people: ¥9,000/person (incl. tax). Prices depend on number of people; please inquire. Interpretation fees are not included. White robes are included in rental fees, but loincloth, misogi purification ritual clothes (women only), straw sandals, etc., must be purchased separately.
Opening Times
9:00am - 5:00pm
Late July - Late September
6 hours
COVID-19 Prevention Measures: 1) Held with one group at a time so that participants will not come into contact with each other. 2) Disinfectant supplies are available at the entrance and dining hall of the sanrojo (meeting place). 3) Sanrojo employees wear masks; participants must wear masks as well. 4) Windows at the sanrojo are opened for ventilation (the ascetic training experience takes place outdoors). 5) We will check your health condition and are prepared to take temperature checks. 6) Social distancing will be maintained in the dining hall. Disinfection is performed frequently.


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