Oma Bluefin Tuna Fishing Observation Tour(Y Project K.K.)

Bluefin tuna fishing tour that takes you to the top fishing waters accessible only by local fishermen.

This is a tour you can only experience in Oma, the best waters for catching maguro (bluefin tuna) using the ippon-zuri (handline fishing with a single baited hook) technique. Board a fishing boat and ride out to the middle of the fishing waters, where nearly 100 Oma fishing boats crowd together. A veteran fisherman will serve as your guide and explain the day’s events as they occur. The excitement you will feel when you witness the scene of a fisherman battling with a giant tuna can be felt nowhere else.

■ 2018 data: 75% probability of reaching the tuna fishing grounds! 25% chance of witnessing the moment a tuna is caught! If you depart for sea on a day free from stormy weather, you are guaranteed to be able to see the fishing fleet fishing for tuna. Veteran tuna fisherman Noritaka Izumi will steer you on his boat and serve as your guide, providing live commentary on the fishing situation!

o Mr. Izumi’s fishing boat “Kaiyo Maru No. 58” is a 4.8-ton boat that can reach the fishing grounds about 5 kilometers offshore from Cape Oma in 20 minutes. The tour typically lasts around two hours, including the journey to and from the fishing grounds.

o For an additional fee, you can arrange for a meal featuring Oma tuna (starting at 3,500 yen per person) to be provided before or after the boat tour.

o When stormy weather prevents departure, an alternative guided tour can be held for participants to learn about tuna fishing from a fisherman and receive some of their good luck (3,000 yen per person). Please ask for further details.


General Information

1 boat trip: ¥120,000 (1-10 people)
Opening Times
Boat departs at 10:00am or 1:00pm
*Departure time is negotiable.
Tours held:
August through early October
*Dates are negotiable
2 hours
COVID-19 Prevention Measures: Limiting or guiding visitors, providing hand sanitizing equipment, wearing masks, performing temperature checks, disinfecting used areas, etc.


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