Honederamura Shoen Iseki Estate Site

A place where visitors can discover an early example of a Japanese farming village

Honederamura Shoen Iseki Estate Site
The vestiges of a medieval shoen manor remain in the present at this precious heritage site where visitors can view the scene of a traditional Japanese farming village. It is quite similar in form to what can be found pictured in the "Mutsu no Kuni Honederamura Illustrations" (housed in the Chusonji temple treasury), a designated Important Cultural Property of Japan. Honederamura Shoen has been designated a National Historic Site and Cultural Landscape of Japan.
 Please note: There are people who still make their living through farming on the grounds of the Honederamura Shoen archeological site. In order to maintain the appearance of the site as it existed in the past as much as possible, aside from building directories and signposts, there are almost no facilities made for tourists. When coming to visit, please understand that the circumstances of this temple district are different from those at the usual sightseeing area.
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Opening Times
Approximately 40 - 60 minutes
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