Takashiba Deco-Yashiki, the birthplace of Miharu paper mache that has continued since the Edo period

What is the Takashiba Deco-Yashiki?

Takashiba Deco-Yashiki, the birthplace of Miharu paper mache that has continued since the Edo period
Located in Nishida-cho, Koriyama City, Takashiba Deco-Yashiki is the birthplace of Miharu-goma (wooden toy horses) and Miharu dolls. The "deco" in "Deco-yashiki" refers to dolls, so "Deco-yashiki" means a doll house. During the Edo period, this area was part of the Miharu domain, and thus the toys came to be known as Miharu-goma and Miharu-ningyo (dolls). Today, there are four doll-making workshops in the village, and the tradition lives on. The Takashiba area also has its own unique forms of inherited culture using paper mache, such as the Takashiba Seven Gods of Fortune Dance and the Hyottoko Dance, which are designated as Important Intangible Folk Cultural Assets by Koriyama City. We have prepared a paper mache making experience as part of a special program for craft fans, people who have experience painting crafts, and others in Japan to enjoy even more. Professional artisans will teach you how to make traditional paper mache. This is only available during the Tohoku Destination Campaign (DC) period. Please enjoy this opportunity for a special experience that you can only have here and now.(1) Painting experienceYou can experience painting traditional Miharu-goma, paper mache dolls of the Chinese zodiac signs, and Mame-Daruma dolls.Even beginners can enjoy the experience as they can paint freely and creatively.(2) Deco Walk The artisans who make paper mache in the village will guide you on the Deco Walk.(3) Experience making paper mache Daruma dolls (April, June, August)Production process: (1) papering: drying → (2) mold-making → (3) powder coating → (4) painting*The extent of the experience can be adjusted according to the wishes of the participants.<Example> Participants only do (1) Washi papering themselves, and then (2), (3), and (4) are done by a professional artisan, after which the crafts are sent to the participants.Experience the entire process of (1) through (4). Assume that it will take a total of three days of two to three hours of experience per session, every other week.(4) Washi papering experience for the wish of the large Gen'yu darumaNormally held during the Daruma Day event on July 8, this event will be moved up to April when the Tohoku DC starts.
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Opening Times
Painting experiences:
Mame-Daruma 800 yen (not including tax), Paper mache Chinese zodiac signs 1,300 yen (not including tax), Miharu-goma 1,500 yen (not including tax)
Deco walk:
1-15 people 5,000 yen (not including tax), 16-30 people 10,000 yen (not including tax), 31-45 people 15,000 yen (not including tax)
Paper mache making experience:
Daruma (20cm) 12,000 yen, Mame-Daruma 4,000 yen