See the Location for Popular TV show Ama-chan

Enter into a scene straight out of Ama-chan

See the Location for Popular TV show Ama-chan
The city of Kuji was the setting of the NHK TV series Ama-chan, which aired from April 1 to September 28, 2013. Many scenes, including the Kosode Coast, were filmed in Kuji. 
The scenery as seen in the drama remains and is still visited by many Ama-chan fans. At each of the filming locations are Ama-chan billboards explaining the scenes that appeared in the show, which will draw you even more into the world of Ama-chan. 
At the station-front tourism exchange center, YOMUNOSU, dioramas and other items used in the filming of the movie are on display, and the cafe corner has floating glass lights that resemble the Cafe Rias from Ama-chan. You can enjoy sandwiches and drinks for just 500 yen.
≪City area≫・Sanriku Railway Kuji Station ・・・This station appeared as ""Kitasanriku Station on the Kitasanriku Railway Rias Line.""For inquiries, please contact Sanriku Tetsudo Kuji Station ☎ 0194-52-0177.・Roadside Station Kuji Yamase Dofukan ・・・ This was the venue where Yui won the Miss Kitatetsu contest.  Hours: 9:00-19:00 *open until 18:00 from October to March For inquiries, contact Kaze no Yakata Kuji Tourism and Products Association ☎ 0194-66-9200
≪Kosode area≫ 20 minutes on the town bus from Kuji Station (Kuji Kaigan Line)・Kosode gyokō kitabōhatei Lighthouse・・・Appeared in the opening scene where Aki jumps into the sea.  3-minute walk from the Kosode Ama (female diver) Center
・Ama free-diving demonstration・Pier・・・Where divers such as Aki and Natsubappa conducted their dive fishing.  Near the Kosode Ama Center
・Watchtower on top of the Kosode fishing port・・・This is the watchtower where Hiroshi worked part-time.  A 10-minute walk from the Kosode Ama Center (up a winding hill, but the view from the top is spectacular).
≪Suburban Area≫・Kamiyama Kohaku Kogei (Amber craft) Kohaku Kodo (Amber tunnel) ・・・This is the tunnel where Ben mines amber. Time required: about 1 hour Fee: 3,000 yen per person for groups up to 2, 2,000 yen per person for groups up to 5, 1,500 yen per person for group ups to 9, 1,000 yen per person for groups of 10 more For inquiries, contact the Kuji Regional Tourism Council ☎ 0194-53-5756 *Reservations should be made one week in advance. Depending on the day, reservations may be made on the day.
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