Pia Bandai

Market where you can eat till you drop, with local merry-go-round sushi and also barbecues

Pia Bandai
This market features the very best foods that Niigata has to offer, from merry-go-round sushi selling the very best fresh fish caught off the coast of Sado Island at very reasonable prices, to grilled nodoguro (rockfish) a highly sought-after fish, and the finest sake brewed from Niigata's famous rice. At the largest fresh produce market on the Sea of Japan coast there is something here to please everyone and whet every appetite, from rice to sake, from fish to meat, from vegetables to fruit, and even fresh flowers.A must-try is the grilled nodoguro rockfish only available on weekends, which is salt-grilled with head and tail still attached. The entire fish is placed on a skewer and grilled over an open charcoal flame. Sink your teeth into this delicious fish and savour the white flesh and marvellous umami-rich fat. At Pia Plaza you can also barbecue the items you have bought at the market (limited to the summer season). Barbecue sets are available to rent, including grill, charcoal and condiments, so you don't have to bring anything with you. Bandai Bridge and Toki Messe are just some of the famous sights of Niigata that are also nearby, and access is excellent. Come along if you are feeling hungry!
Telephone Number
Opening Times
9:00-21:00 (varies by store)
Free entrance