British Hills

It is like you can truly visit Britain without a passport in Japan!

British Hills
British Hills is located in a forest on a plateau. The vast grounds (approx. 240,000 square meters) are an extraordinary space cut off from the regular world. It is cool in the summer and becomes a white-snow covered world in the winter. You can enjoy the atmosphere of a British town from mediaeval times.
The guest rooms are of the wooden classical type built based on the architectural style of Britain in medieval times. Each room is set in a different period and comes with its own interior. In addition to a restaurant and lounge, there is a tea room where you can enjoy 20 regular kinds of tea, seasonal teas and cakes. There is also a pub where you can try fish & chips. It is like you have traveled back in time to Britain. Furthermore, there is a program of English culture lessons where you can experience traditional culture with foreign instructors.
Please make sure to mount studless winter tires on four-wheel-drive vehicles when visiting by car in the snow-covered winter. You may need snow chains depending on the situation, so please be careful.
Telephone Number
0120-131-386、0248-85-1313(受付時間 9:30~18:00)
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