Oku-Oyasukyo Ooyu Onsen

A secluded hot spring that retains its traditional appearance located in a ravine

Oku-Oyasukyo Ooyu Onsen
Oku-Oyasukyo Ooyu Onsen is where hot springs and clouds of steam well up in a deep mountain valley. It is a hot spring secluded in the mountains that retains its traditional appearance, with relaxing views of the valley and mountain streams from the baths. There are two inns, Abe Ryokan and Oyasusanso Yoshikawa.
The stream that flows nearby is a great fishing spot for char fish, yamame trout, and rainbow trout. It is also a treasure trove of fruits of the land, such as wild vegetables and wild maitake mushrooms. Savor the abundant blessings and delicious food from the mountain.
The autunm foliage colours the whole mountains. It is a beauty that is hard to express in words. When the mountains are covered in lush greenery, revel in a cool stream. Looking at the snow from an open air bath is profound and oozes the atmosphere of a hot spring.
Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, forget time, and put your mind and body at ease in a secluded hot spring surrounded by nature in the mountains.
Telephone Number
Opening Times
[Drop-in bath] 08:00 to 20:00 (reception closes at 19:30)
[Drop-in bath] Adults: 500 yen, Children: 200 yen