Kaiunbashi Bridge

A symbol of Morioka that presents a different scene by day and by night

Kaiunbashi Bridge
Kaiunbashi Bridge (literally “Good Fortune Bridge”) spans the Kitakami River, linking Morioka Station with the city itself. Its single white span has become a symbol of the city and almost every visitor will find themselves crossing it at least once.
The bridge also has another name: “Double Weeping Bridge.” It is said that the origin for this name is that when people are dispatched to Morioka on a work assignment they cry as they cross the bridge, upset about having been sent out so far into the countryside. However, after living for a while in the city and experiencing the warmth and kindness of its citizens, the same people find themselves crying at their departure, because they don’t want to leave.
Kaiunbashi Bridge shows visitors varying aspects depending on the season and the time of the day, including beautifully blooming flower beds nearby, night-time illuminations, and occasionally fireworks lighting up the sky. From the bridge on a clear day you can also see the imposing sight of Mt. Iwate, the prefecture’s highest mountain at over 2,000m.
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