Mount Kanpuzan Rotating Observatory

Enjoy panoramic views from the top of this unique green volcano!

Mount Kanpuzan Rotating Observatory
Mount Kanpuzan Rotating Observatory is located 355 metres above sea level at the top of Mount Kanpuzan, a unique volcano covered with green fields. The iconic observatory offers an unimpeded 360° panoramic view stretching as far as the paddy fields on the reclaimed land of Lake Hachirogata in the east, Nyudozaki Lighthouse and the Sea of Japan in the west, snow-capped Mount Chokai in the south and the World Heritage Site of Shirakami Sanchi in the north. The observatory rotates a full circuit in 13 minutes. Visitors can enjoy the spectacular view while sampling local specialties at the on-site restaurant.
The observatory is accessible via car or a smooth trek up the hill. A range of trekking routes are available including a 6-kilometre route taking 2.5 hours from the small observation hut on the mountainside to the top of mountain.
Mount Kanpuzan is also a mecca for paragliding. Flying above the green hills and the blue sea is an awesome feeling! Tandem flights with an instructor are available for beginners (prior reservations are required). Experience the beauty of Mount Kanpuzan and the Japan Sea from above!
Telephone Number
Opening Times
Open every day from mid-March to early December
8:30 - 17:00
Admission fee for the revolving observatory
Adult 550 yen
Child 270 yen
Group discounts available