Takahata Winery

One of the largest tourist wineries in the Tohoku region with a commitment to using local grapes

Takahata Winery
Takahata, where the Takahata Winery is located in the fruit kingdom of Yamagata, boasts the largest shipment of the Chardonnay and Delaware varieties of grapes that are used in wine in Japan. The wine here is made through a method with no compromise by using grapes or Yamagata fruits (e.g., cherries, La France pears and peaches) grown with affection on its own farm or by local farmers. 
The vineyard will extend out in front of your eyes when you enter the grounds. Please take a tour of the winemaking process indoors after taking a look at the vineyard. You will find a wide selection of souvenirs in the shop. Items include limited wines you can only buy here and snacks that go great with wine. There is an area in the shop where you can also taste four to five kinds of wine. There are also staff members who have sommelier qualifications. Therefore, you will surely be able to find your favorite wine selection.
There is also an adjoining food shop with a popular menu distinctive of a winery. How about enjoying a glass of wine with a hot dog or pizza made in collaboration with local companies. In addition to grapes, we also recommend original soft serve ice cream that contains white wine that has been popular since its establishment.
As well as the Harvest Festival held every year around October, there is a Spring Festival, Summer Meat Festival and numerous other events. There are many events held every time bustling with many wine and food connoisseurs.
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Opening Times
April to November: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

December to March: 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Factory tour: Free