Sankyo Soko Storehouse

These functioning rice storehouses form a picturesque view with their black wooden walls lined with a row of Keyaki trees

Sankyo Soko Storehouse
Built in 1893, the Sankyo Soko Storehouses continue to function today as rice storehouses. The impressive wisdom of the builders can be seen in such things as the double roof used for insulating heat and the row of Keyaki trees planted behind the storehouses to protect them from the afternoon sun and strong winds. Today the storehouses continue to protect the rice contained within them from heat and moisture using the same traditional methods.
The row of storehouses emanates a nostalgic atmosphere and maintains traces of the years when the area flourished as a port for rice shipments. The storehouses are a popular photography location as well as a favourite location for shooting movies and TV dramas. The storehouses gained fame after appearing in NHK’s popular TV drama series “Oshin”.
Standing beside the Mogami River the storehouses create fascinating views in combination with the port and small wooden rice-shipping boats. Their triangular roofs and white walls reflect serenely on the river water. On the other side of the storehouses is a parallel row of Keyaki trees which in combination with the stone pavements and the storehouses’ black wooden walls create more photogenic vistas! Visitors can enjoy pleasant scenes throughout the year including verdant greens of the Keyaki trees in summer, snow-capped triangular roofs in winter, illuminated storehouses at dusk and glittering stone pavements in the rain. The incredible views change depending on the season and time of day.
Regional products including tasty rice and local sake are available at the adjoining Sakata Yumenokura. The on-site restaurant offers dishes made with fresh seafood and harvests from the Shonai plains. The terrace seats are a lovely option to enjoy a drink and a meal on fine days.
Telephone Number
Opening Times
Kanko Bussankan
Open: 9:00 - 18:00 (17:00 from December to February)
Visitors can viewing the exterior grounds is free of charge
Admission to Shonai Museum of History of Rice
Adults: 300 yen
Junior and senior high school children: 200 yen
Elementary students 150 yen
Best season for viewing autumn leaves: Late October
Trees are illuminated from sunset to 22:00