Shuji Terayama Museum

Terayama World, an underground surreal world

Shuji Terayama Museum
The Shuji Terayama Museum was built over a period of about three years to preserve and display the personal articles of Shuji Terayama, donated to Misawa City by his mother Hatsu. Based on the designs by Kiyoshi Awazu, who had a close relationship with Shuji Terayama, the museum opened in 1997 with the advice of a number of stakeholders, including Kyoko Kujo and other members of the former theatrical troupe, Tenjo Sajiki.
The exhibition building and the foyer are connected by a covered passageway, and when viewed from above, looks like the wall clock that appeared as a prop for Terayama's theater performances and movies. On the outer wall of the foyer are a number of ceramic plates with messages from about 30 people who interacted with Terayama and many other plates on the theme of Terayama's work, which give it a unique appearance.
Inside the museum is a reproduction of the stage and movie set of the theater troupe Tenjo Sajiki, hosted by Shuji Terayama. Enjoy this avant-garde display and a surreal world view that you can see and touch.
Telephone Number
Opening Times
09:00 to 17:00 (admission until 16:30)
[Permanent exhibition]
General: 300 yen
High school and university students: 110 yen
Elementary and junior high school students: 60 yen (free on Saturdays)
*During exhibits, admission to only the permanent exhibition is not permitted.