Yamagawa Sake Brewery / Yamagawa Sake Brewery Northern Museum

Enjoy an elegant building and high-grade sake in a traditional sake brewery

Yamagawa Sake Brewery / Yamagawa Sake Brewery Northern Museum
Yamagama Sake Brewery is a sake brewery that has been making sake for nine generations since it was founded in 1790. This is a sake brewery committed to making the best sake. With the cool and clear underground water of Mt. Iide serving as the mother water, the brewery grows high-quality pesticide-free and reduced agricultural chemical fertilizer brewer's rice. Its sake brands such as Yaemon also have a favorable reputation overseas.
You can visit the sake brewery with a guide in the Northern Museum. You are also free to take an unguided tour. There are three exhibition kura (storehouses). Seeing the displays of various tools used in old sake brewing (e.g., tubs, sake vats and bottles) will remind you of sake brewing at that time. You can then visit the sake tasting area. It is possible to try more than 10 kinds of Yaemon sake at no cost. You can enjoy classic products, seasonal pure sakes and liquors. There is a shop in the facility. Of course, you can purchase products!
Please enjoy a quality sake brewery tour, tasting tasty sake and shopping.
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9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.