Matsukawa Onsen

Enjoy a secret cloudy bath at Mt. Hachimantai where several inns are located deep in the mountains

Matsukawa Onsen
Matsukawa Onsen is a small hot spring resort located in Hachimantai, which is known for its autumn leaves and winter frost-covered trees, located southeast of Towada-Hachimantai National Park. The hot spring is said to have opened about 280 years ago, and there are three hot spring inns, each of which has a source on the premises.
Drive down a snow corridor and enjoy the colours of skunk cabbage in the spring. Enjoy the refreshing cool breeze and lush trekking in nature in summer. Take in the spectacular scenery where the entire valley is surrounded by primeval beech and oak forests coloured by autumn leaves. And, play winter sports in excellent snow and be amazed by the largest amount of frost-covered trees in Japan. Why not stay at Matsukawa Onsen on Mt. Hachimantai where you can enjoy a variety of seasonal activities? Of course, you can always just drop in for a soak.
Nearby is the Matsukawa Geothermal Power Plant, which started operation in 1966 as Japan's first geothermal power station. The Matsukawa Geothermal Museum is adjacent to the power plant, so you can learn about geothermal power generation through panels and video footage.
There is a steep slope before arriving at Matsukawa Onsen and it is known for its retro four-wheel-drive bonnet bus that operates in the winter because the road freezes and makes driving a regular bus difficult.
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