Aoike (Blue Pond)

This mysterious blue water fascinates visitors to the World Heritage Site of Shirakami Sanchi

Aoike (Blue Pond)
Famous for its brilliant cobalt blue water, Ao-Ike Pond is located in Shirakami Sanchi, a World Heritage Site. The pond is surrounded by one of the world’s largest primeval beech forests stretching over 130,000 hectares, 17,000 hectares of which are designated Natural Heritage. Although much of the designated area is unexplored, there are various hiking trails available through the pristine natural surroundings of Shirakami Sanchi.
The Juniko (twelve lakes) Hiking Trail is the most popular scenic path. Leaving the souvenir shop Mori-no-Bussankan Kyororo, the 40-minute circular trail takes visitors to Ketoba-no-Ike Pond, the distinctive cobalt-blue Ao-Ike Pond, primeval beech forests, Wakitsubo-no-Ike Pond and Ochikuchi-no-Ike Pond. Ao-Ike Pond, the highlight of the trail, captivates visitors with its mysterious clear blue water. The pond varies in colour depending on the season, the best season is said to be from April to August thanks to the high angle of the sun.
The water is so clear that a fallen tree can be seen lying on the bottom of the pond with an inky-blue appearance. The mystery of the pond’s blue water remains unsolved, come and see this miracle of nature for yourself!
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