Tsugaru Traditional Craft Centre

Would you like to try handmaking traditional crafts from Tsugaru?

Tsugaru Traditional Craft Centre
You can experience making traditional crafts known as Tsugaru-nuri (Tsugaru lacquering) and Tsugaru Kokeshi dolls at this facility. You can also experience making woodcrafts such as puzzles and nameplates as well as painted pottery such as teacups and round plates. (Advance reservations are required for all these experiences) 
There are also days when you can listen to live performances of the Tsugaru Shamisen. Please enjoy the tonal colours of the performances by Tsugaru Shamisen virtuosos in Kuroishi, a city that has produced many folk entertainers (singers, Te-odori dancers, Shamisen players, etc.). 
You can also immerse your feet in a foot bath from spring to autumn. Would you like to experience the unique hot water that removes the dirt from your feet like soap? There is also a shop with a selection of many souvenirs as well as a restaurant where you can savour local cuisine. It’s recommended to combine a trip to this centre with the Tsugaru Kokeshi Museum next door. 
Telephone Number
Opening Times
9:00 to 17:00 (foot bath 10:00 to 15:00)
Free admission (there is an admission fee for the Tsugaru Shamisen Jonkara Theatre)
Applications for experiences are accepted until 10 days beforehand from 2 people (up to 20 days beforehand for groups of over 10 people)