Nyuto Onsenkyo

These seven hidden hot springs nestled in the mountains are a must visit!

Nyuto Onsenkyo
Nyuto Onsenkyo is a popular hidden hot spring area home to seven hot spring inns each with its own source of spring water. Onsen hopping is highly recommended in order to experience the different charms of the various inns and their spring water properties.
Tsuru-no-Yu features opaque water, with thatched-roof terraced houses in a secluded atmosphere.
Tae-no-Yu features a modern Japanese interior and open-air baths along the mountain stream.
Kuroyu Onsen features waterfall showers and classic gazebo-style open-air baths with log pillars.
Ganiba Onsen features seasonal views from its open-air bath surrounded by primeval forests.
Magoroku Onsen is popular for the therapeutic benefits of its four different sources of spring waters.
Ookama Onsen features the nostalgic wooden architecture of a reconstructed school building.
Kyukamura features modern facilities and an open-air bath surrounded by beech forest.
Onsen hopping at Nyuto Onsenkyo is said to be beneficial for all kinds of ailments. For Onsen hopping a shuttle bus service is available between the inns with a one-day “Yumeguri-map” pass available for 600yen while the Yumeguri Pass (1,800yen) includes a one-day bus pass and admission to the seven Onsens and is recommended for overnight guests. Both can be purchased at the reception of each inn.
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