Iizaka Onsen

The perfect place for Onsen hopping for both day visitors and those on an overnight stay

Iizaka Onsen
Iizaka Onsen was one of three popular hot springs in the ancient Oshu region along with Naruko Onsen and Akiu Onsen in Miyagi. With a long and honourable history, legend has it that Takeru Yamato (a mythological hero) came here for hot spring treatment in the second century. In more modern times many writers and poets have been among the town’s visitors including Basho Matsuo, Shiki Masaoka and Akiko Yosano.
The simple alkaline hot spring water is beneficial for neuralgia, arthralgia and muscle aches. A variety of inns and hotels are lined along the river. There are nine inns and public baths welcoming day visitors making Onsen hopping possible without staying overnight.
Enjoy a stroll around this Onsen town while sampling local delicacies ranging from Iizaka Ramen to Enban (disc) Gyoza, nutritious Radium Eggs (eggs poached in the hot spring waters) and Ika Ninjin (marinated squid with carrots). After your walk relax your feet in a hot spring footbath!
Fukushima is famous for its delicious fruits and the unique local experience of seasonal fruit picking is available in the farming area surrounding Iizaka Onsen. The popular road known as “the Fruit Line” is lined with fruit farms that allow visitors to pick cherries, peaches, grapes, pears and apples depending on the season.
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