Myoko Kogen

A mountain resort on the flanks of Mt. Myoko

Myoko Kogen
This highland region comprises seven hot springs, including Myoko, Akakura, Ikenotaira, Suginosawa, among which there are five different spring water properties and three different spring water colours. The region is also the location for many holiday homes and ski resorts.After the harsh cold of winter the region wakes up with joy as spring arrives, bringing with it beautiful blooming flowers dotted here and there on the meadows. Naena Falls is also a sight to behold at this time of year as the meltwater off the mountains increases its flow to a thunderous crescendo. The fresh spring weather is also a perfect time for mountain climbing and trekking.During the summer the highlands are cooler than the plains below, making them a perfect place to spend the hot days of midsummer. You can enjoy various outdoor sports and experiences, and many people come for trekking.Autumn is also a perfect season for walking in the mountains and people come birdwatching and also go trekking. The region is covered in the golden and umber hues of autumn almost like a work of art that takes the breath away with its beauty. After the vivid greens of summer, the autumn season must be seen for the gradation of vibrant warm colours that seem to be aglow.Winter brings with it copious snowfall that is perfect for winter sports. The ski resorts are just a short distance from the expressway interchange, making them an easy destination for a day trip. After tiring yourself out on the slopes, what could be better than to sink into a hot spring bath and soak your aching muscles?
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