Goshougake Onsen

A hot spring with seven varied baths, the nearby mud pots are a must see!

Goshougake Onsen
Goshogake Onsen is located on the Hachimantai Aspite Line, a scenic driving route traversing Mount Hachimantai. The hot spring inn here is popular with people coming for hot spring treatments and its water is said to be beneficial for all kinds of ailments. Visitors can enjoy seven kinds of hot spring baths at the inn.
Steam box baths are a traditional bathing method where each person warms their body in a wooden box filled with steam while their head sticks out of a hole at the top of the box.
The mud bath is filled with natural hot spring sediments. The natural mud mask keeps the skin smooth and silky!
The bubbling water of the volcanic bath promotes beautiful skin.
The “bath for neuralgia” is a large bath warming your body from inside to out.
The sauna bath utilises natural hot spring steam.
The waterfall shower offers shower heads with powerful waterfall jets helping relieve tension.
Open-air baths offer a refreshing outdoor soak with a scent of the woods amid pleasant breezes.

After the various Onsen experiences, enjoy sampling some of Akita’s regional specialties along with some local beers! Goshogake Onsen Black Eggs boiled in the hot spring water are a particular specialty.
The Goshogake Onsen Nature Trail runs behind the hot spring inn. The 30-minute circular path takes visitors to the breath-taking area of mud pots including the large Oyunuma Pond. With the smell of sulphur in the air, the dynamic view of the bubbling mud water emitting its white steam is a must see!
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