Tsurunoyu Onsen

The most popular hot spring in Nyuto Onsenkyo for its unique open-air bath with spring water bubbling up from below

Tsurunoyu Onsen
Tsuru-no-Yu Onsen is the oldest hot spring in Nyuto Onsenkyo and used to be a spa resort of the Akita clan. Inside the wooden gates, rows of thatched-roof terraced houses with black wooden walls take visitors back in time to when the resort was a post station during the Edo period.
The Onsen gives visitors the chance to experience the lifestyle of that time in their popular “Honjin” guest rooms, decorated with an old-fashioned Irori fireplace and oil lamps and without modern inventions like television and air conditioning. Dining is available while sitting around the Irori fireplace.
Tsuru-no-Yu features four kinds of hot spring waters from different springs known as white, black, middle and waterfall. Trying out each bath is recommended as each water has its own character and brings different health benefits. The popular mixed gender open-air bath is filled with a beautiful bluish-white water. Bathers enjoy the unique experience of fresh spring water bubbling up from its source below the bath. An open-air bath for women also features this white water bubbling up from below. Indoor baths for men and women are located in the rustic hut where white and black waters can be experienced.
Reservations are required by phone from six months prior to your visit. Day visits are available however an overnight stay is recommended to enjoy all of the baths.
Onsen hopping at Nyuto Onsenkyo is said to be beneficial for all kinds of ailments. A shuttle bus service is available between the inns with a one-day “Yumeguri-map” pass available for 600yen while the Yumeguri Pass (1,800yen) includes a one-day bus pass and admission to the seven Onsens and is recommended for overnight guests. Both can be purchased at the reception of each inn.
Telephone Number
Opening Times
Open for day visitors 10:00 - 15:00
Day visits: 600 yen