Birthday Ticket

All day IGR unlimited rides on the day of your birthday, the day before and after!

You can enjoy one-day unlimited rides on Iwate Galaxy Railway Line for 500 yen on the day of your birthday or the day before or after!

In addition, this offer is also eligible for up to 3 companions (excluding yourself), as long as they are on the same itinerary!

If your ticket is shown at the stores stated below, a free drink will be offered to those having meals. 

・Aoyama Station Aoyama-minamiguchi "Bistro Ginga"

・Inside Ninohe Station adjoining building Nanyaato "Ginga Dining Henoheno"

General Information

Adults and Children
1 day 500 yen
Each person can bring up to 3 companions
Opening Times
About the main station"Morioka Station"
1. Sendai Station is about 30 minutes from Sendai Airport by Sendai Airport Line. Take the JR Tohoku Shinkansen from Sendai Station, about 40 minutes, get off at Morioka Station
2. Take the JR Tohoku Shinkansen from Tokyo Station and get off at Morioka Station for about 170 minutes.
A companion can only use the same route.
An official document proving your birthday is required at the time of purchase.
Target Period
On your actual birthday + before and after your birthday
Operation Time
Morioka: First train: 05:00; Last train: 23:20 (Last train on weekends and public holidays: 22:57)
With/Without Advance Reservation
Purchase Location
Ticket office at each station on the IGR Line (excluding Kotsunagi Station and Tomai Station)
How to Purchase
Purchase from the ticket office at the station.
Sales Period
All year (Available for purchase from a month before your birthday)
Applicable Transportation Facility
Iwate Galaxy Railway
Language Support
Provide English pamphlet (Sanpo Tabi)


IGR Information
Telephone Number
Fax Number
E-mail address