13 Tohoku & Hakodate Local Railways have released the unlimited passes for visitors to Japan!

TOHOKU & HAKODATE LOCAL RAIL PASS is a ticket for foreign visitors to Japan provided by 13 railway operators with routes in Tohoku & Hakodate to further attract foreign tourists including Taiwan to the Tohoku region. This ticket is on sale now.

General Information

4,800 yen
Opening Times
8:30~17:00(All Year)
"About the main station""Morioka Station""
1. Sendai Station is about 30 minutes from Sendai Airport by Sendai Airport Line. Take the JR Tohoku Shinkansen from Sendai Station, about 40 minutes, get off at Morioka Station
2. Take the JR Tohoku Shinkansen from Tokyo Station and get off at Morioka Station for about 170 minutes."
1: Limited for person who registered. A passport is required.
2: You can get on and off freely on a regular/fast train within the free area.
3: Extra fee will be charged if you like to use the regular train such as a limited express/express train or a train that connects reserved seats. (Tsugaru Railway Stove Train Ticket must be purchased separately.) However, you cannot use "Resort Asunaro" on the Aoimori Railway Line.
4: Valid for 7 days.
5: When using it outside the free area, extra fare will be charged.
6: There will be no discounts with various discount certificates.
7: No refund after purchased.
Target Period
Valid for 7 days
With/Without Advance Reservation
Purchase Location
Taiwan travel agency
How to Purchase
Purchase at Taiwan travel agency
Sales Period
Applicable Transportation Facility
South Hokkaido Railway,Aoimori Railway,Tsugaru Railway,Konan Railway ,Iwate Galaxy Railway,Sanriku Railway,Akita Nairiku,Railway,Yurikogen Railway,Yamagata Railway,Fukushima Railway,Abukama Express,Aizu Railway,Yagan Railway
Language Support
Provide English pamphlet (Sanpo Tabi)


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