Kita-Iwate Gurutto Pass

The IGR Iwate Ginga Railway, Sanriku Railway, JR Bus Tohoku and Iwate Prefecture Kita Bus provide a 3-Day sightseeing pass that allows you to get on and off the train within a certain route.

Kita-Iwate Gurutto Pass
The following routes are limited to one direction, and you can get on and off as many times as you like.・IGR Iwate Galaxy Railway: Between Morioka Station and Kanedaichi Onsen Station (Between Ninohe Station and Kanedaichi Onsen Station is possible to return ride.)・JR Bus Tohoku Swallow-Go: Between Ninohe Station and Kuji Station・Sanriku Railway: Kuji Station-Miyako Station ・Iwate Kita Bus: Between Miyako Station and Morioka StationIn addition, when you present your “Kita Iwate Gurutto Pass”, you can receive services at the following facilities!◎ Hotel RagasoGift: Tanohata Yogurt (1 for each guest)◎There are other facilities that are also eligible for complimentary services.Please refer to “Complimentary Services for Commuter Passes" for further details.
Telephone Number
IGR Iwate Galaxy Railway Ginga Railway Tourism TEL:019-601-9991
Sanriku Railway Passenger Sales Department TEL:0193-62-7000
JR Bus Tohoku Ninohe Sales Office TEL:0195-23-5229
Iwate Kita Jidosha Head Office Information TEL:019-641-1212
IGR Iwate Galaxy Railway IGR Information TEL:019-626-9151
Opening Times
Adult 5,200 yen
Child 2,600 yen (Below elementary school age)