Kita-Iwate Gurutto Pass

The IGR Iwate Ginga Railway, Sanriku Railway, JR Bus Tohoku and Iwate Prefecture Kita Bus provide a 3-Day sightseeing pass that allows you to get on and off the train within a certain route.

Kita-Iwate Gurutto Pass
The following routes are limited to one direction, and you can get on and off as many times as you like.・IGR Iwate Galaxy Railway: Between Morioka Station and Kanedaichi Onsen Station (Between Ninohe Station and Kanedaichi Onsen Station is possible to return ride.)・JR Bus Tohoku Swallow-Go: Between Ninohe Station and Kuji Station・Sanriku Railway: Kuji Station-Miyako Station ・Iwate Kita Bus: Between Miyako Station and Morioka StationIn addition, when you present your “Kita Iwate Gurutto Pass”, you can receive services at the following facilities!◎ Hotel RagasoGift: Tanohata Yogurt (1 for each guest)◎ Miyako Jodogahama Boat CruiseAdult 1,400 yen → 1,260 yen  Child 700 yen → 630 yen
Telephone Number
IGR Iwate Galaxy Railway Ginga Railway Tourism TEL:019-601-9991
Sanriku Railway Passenger Sales Department TEL:0193-62-7000
JR Bus Tohoku Ninohe Sales Office TEL:0195-23-5229
Iwate Kita Jidosha Head Office Information TEL:019-641-1212
Opening Times
IGR Iwate Galaxy Railway Ginga Railway Tourism:9:30〜17:30
Sanriku Railway Passenger Sales Department:9:00〜18:00
Adult 5,200 yen
Child 2,600 yen (Below elementary school age)