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The Travel to Tohoku site (hereinafter "the Site") is operated by the Tohoku Tourism Promotion Organization (hereinafter "the Organization"). Please note the following matters when using the Site.

In addition, the Organization may change the contents on this page. Please use the Site upon checking the latest contents on this page.

Handling of Personal Information (Privacy Policy)

We shall appropriately collect, use and manage personal information as follows under laws and ordinances on the Site.

1. Definition of Personal Information

Information that identifies, or may identify, specific individuals (e.g., names and email addresses) shall be referred to as "Personal Information."

2. Collection and Management of Personal Information

We shall not disclose or release Personal Information on the Site except in the event you consent to that or in the event the administrator of the Site determines it is especially necessary. However, in the event we receive a disclosure request under laws and ordinances, we shall disclose your personal information to the minimum extent necessary. When managing the personal information we have collected, we shall take appropriate measures to prevent its leakage, misappropriation and alteration. We shall reliably and promptly delete personal information that we no longer need to possess.

3. IP Addresses

We shall use a log of the IP addresses recorded on our web server on the Site for access statistics, security measures and other purposes. However, we shall not be able to identify individuals from these IP addresses.

4. Cookies

We shall setup some pages that use cookies on the Site to enhance your user experience. Cookies are pieces of information that are sent from the server to your browser and then stored on your computer so that we can identify your computer. We may collect information such as the number of visits made to the Site from your computer and the pages you have visited by using these cookies. We shall not collect any information that may identify individual users by using cookies. You may also disable the functions of cookies with the settings of your browser. You shall have no problem using the Site even if you disable the functions of cookies.

5. Access Analytics Tool

The Site shall use Google Analytics to understand the usage situation of the Site. Google Analytics collects your information using cookies. Please see the Google Analytics site for explanations on the Google Analytics Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. The Organization shall accept absolutely no responsibility for damages resulting from the use of the Google Analytics service.

6. Encryption

When exchanging information over the Internet on the Site, we shall encrypt Personal Information using secure socket layer (SSL) communications technology to prevent leakage to third parties and unauthorized access by third parties.


The copyright relating to the various pieces of information (e.g., text, photographs and illustrations) on the Site shall belong to the Organization or the provider of that information. However, the copyright of some of the images shall be owned by the original author. Please contact the Organization when you wish to use the contents on the Site beyond the scope of “personal use” or “quotations” as permitted by the Copyright Act.


You are free to link to the Site in principle. However, the use of inline frames and direct links to images are prohibited. In addition, we shall refuse links from the following sites. In the event you receive a request to delete a link from the Organization, please do so promptly.

  • Sites which may mislead or mistake the visitor
  • Sites which slander or defame, or which may slander or defame, the Organization or a third party
  • Sites which infringe upon, or may which may infringe upon, the copyright or other intellectual property rights of the Organization or a third party
  • Sites which infringe upon, or which may infringe upon, the assets, honor, personal rights or privacy of the Organization or a third party

We have prepared a banner for links. Please save the following image and use it when linking to the Site. Use of the banner below is not a condition of establishing a link to the Site. We also welcome text links.

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All the company names, service names and product names posted on the Site are the trademarks or registered trademarks of those companies and organizations. We may post those product names and organization names for the convenience of the descriptions on the Site. However, we shall not intend or aim to infringe upon those trademark rights.


We shall make every effort to ensure the information posted on the Site is accurate by carefully reviewing it in advance. However, we shall offer absolutely no guarantee of the accuracy or reliability of the contents we shall post. Accordingly, please understand that we shall accept absolutely no responsibility for any damages that may result from the use of the information on the Site.

Prices, opening hours, or other information may have changed. Please check official websites and other sources for the latest information.

The other sites and services linked to in pages on the Site are operated under regulations and policies for Personal Information different to the Site. We shall not guarantee your safety if you provide Personal Information at those links on the Site. In addition, we shall accept absolutely no obligations or responsibilities regarding the provision of Personal Information.