Lake Towada Canoe Tour: Experience the Mystical Lake with Your Five Senses(Towadako Guidehouse KAI)

Lake Towada Canadian canoe tour: Enjoy the exquisite nature of Lake Towada

Go on a Canadian canoe ride and explore a lake surrounded by a beech forest which is considered mystical. You will maneuver the boat yourself. The scenery you see from a waterfowl’s perspective, coupled with your canoe that glides slowly across the water surface, forms a sense of unity with the lake. Since you will be accompanied by a guide who will give you easy-to-understand explanations, first-timers can also safely and thoroughly enjoy the majestic nature while unraveling the mystery of Lake Towada. Wear clothes that are easy to move in and can get a little wet.

General Information

青森県十和田市大字奥瀬字十和田湖畔休屋486 喫茶憩い内
1. April 28 - July 19 and September 1 - November 5: Adult ¥7,600 / Child ¥3,800
One person only: Adult ¥12,500 (Incl. tax)
2. July 20 - August 31: Adult ¥8,700 / Child ¥4,900
One person only: Adult ¥13,600 (Incl. tax)
3. January 5 – Late March: Adult ¥11,000 (Incl. tax)
One person only: Adult ¥16,500 (Incl. tax)
Opening Times
8:30am - 5:00pm
Closed irregularly
Periods 1 and 2: About 2 hours 15 minutes
Period 3: About 2 hours 30 minutes
COVID-19 Prevention Measures: Held with one group only.


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