Tohoku Area Guides

The local people of Tohoku have a gentle philosophy of life: living together with nature, admiring its seasonal beauty and bringing its spirit into their folk entertainment and cuisine culture.
Visitors can enjoy the region’s stunning scenery throughout the year from springtime cherry blossoms covering the hillsides to refreshing sounds of flowing streams in summer, vibrant colours of autumn in the mountains and magical snow scenes during winter.
Feel exhilarated at spirited local festivals, touch the warmth of traditional craftsmanship, reflect on the prehistoric Jomon period and the Legend of Zipang, and soak in the spirit of mountain worshippers and samurai warriors…
Enjoy the bounty of harvests from the mountains and the sea, taste freshly picked fruit or visit unique sake breweries…
Relax in an open-air bath surrounded by snow, enjoy winter sports amid incredible natural surroundings, marvel at the ecosystem of Shirakami Sanchi, be inspired by nature’s creativity along the Sanriku Coast and Matsushima Bay, take in the mystic beauty of blue volcanic crater pond waters and be mesmerised by the sun setting over the Sea of Japan… come and discover the hidden regions of Japan and create your own travel story of Tohoku!


The majestic nature of Shirakami Sanchi, Oirase Mountain Stream and the Tanesashi Coast, one of Japan’s most beautiful cherry blossom views in Hirosaki Park, exciting regional summer festivals and seasonal scenic beauty at Lake Towada and the Hakkoda Mountains

Oirase Mountain Stream
Hirosaki Park
Aomori Nebuta Festival
Hakkoda Mountains
Koganesaki Furofushi Onsen
Tsurunomai Bridge
Tanesashi Coast


The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Chuson-ji Temple in Hiraizumi, beautiful Jodogahama Beach on the Sanriku Coast, delightful boat tours along Geibikei Gorge, unique rock formations of Genbikei Gorge, Ryusendo’s mystic lake with unique Dragon Blue waters and a wide range of hot spring experiences and winter activities

Chuson-ji Temple
Jodogahama Beach
Appi Kogen
Wanko Soba
Ryusendo Limestone Cave
Hachimantai Asupite line
Koiwai Farm


One of Japan’s top three scenic views at Matsushima Bay, Masamune’s aesthetics in the elaborate buildings of Zuihoden and Sendai Castle Ruins, breath-taking emerald green water of Zao’s Okama Crater, magnificent displays of autumn colours at Naruko-kyo Gorge and a variety of Onsens including Akiu, Sakunami and Naruko

Okama Crater
Matsushima Bay
Sendai Tanabata Fireworks
Entsu-in Temple
Naruko Valley
Sendai Castle (Aoba Castle)
Beef Tongue


Pink cherry blossoms in contrast with the black samurai residences of Kakunodate, spectacular Omagari fireworks displays, vibrant autumn leaves covering Hachimantai and Dakigaeri Gorge, Oga’s Namahage ritual and Yokote’s Kamamura snow huts festival, iconic Akita dogs and magical snow melting on Dragon’s Eye Lake

Nyuto Onsenkyo
Yokote Snow Festival (Kamakura)
Samurai District
Kiritampo Nabe
Dragon Eye
Dakigaeri Valley


Winter sports, hot springs, Snow Monster hoar frosts & all manner of winter fun in Zao, Yamadera temple rising on majestic rocky outcrops, the sacred Three Mountains of Dewa, and a variety of Onsens from nostalgically popular Ginzan Onsen to hidden gems

Ginzan Onsen
Hanagasa Festival
Kamo Aquarium
Risshaku-ji Temple
Mt. Haguro
Frost Covered Trees of Zao
Yonezawa Beef


Samurai history at Tsuruga Castle and Aizuwakamatsu, the spirit of the Edo-period in Ouchijuku, mysterious hues of the Goshikinuma lakes and ponds, active days out in the snowy natural surroundings of Urabandai, and the aquarium and wide range of leisure activities of Iwaki

Tsuruga Castle
Goshikinuma Lake
Abukumado Limestone Cave
Aquamarine Fukushima
Mt. Bandaisan
Aizu Old Samurai Residences


A wide array of ski and hot spring resorts including the popular Echigo-Yuzawa, the picturesque terraced rice fields of Hoshitoge, excellent rice and sake, one of Japan’s top three fireworks displays at Nagaoka, one of Japan’s top three cherry blossom night views at Takada Park and an abundance of nature and a mining heritage on Sado Island

Hoshitoge Rice Terraces
Hyokosuikin Park
Yahiko Park
Takada Park
Rice Wine
Historic Relic Sado Gold Mine
Nagaoka Fireworks Festival
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