Tour of Ichinoseki Mochi-tsuki (Rice cake making) and Geibikei(BOJ Incorporated)

Enjoy traditional rice cake making, conversations with area locals, and Geibikei river rafting in Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture!

After meeting up with a local guide at Ichinoseki Station, the first event on the tour is trying out traditional rice cakes in Ichinoseki. You'll get to pound the rice with a big wooden mallet to help make the rice cakes. When rice cake making is over, we'll go out to enjoy the local cuisine for lunch, which goes well with the rice cakes. When lunch is finished, we'll move on to Geibikei with the guide. On your way, you'll have a good time listening to the guide about Ichinoseki history and facts, and engaging in friendly conversation. In Geibikei, you'll be surrounded by superb scenery while taking a 90 minute river rafting trip. Afterward we will return to Ichinoseki with the guide, and the tour will end there.


General Information

東京都中央区新富1-3-2 新富町1丁目ビル 5階
Fee per Person by Group Size
1 person: 59,000 Yen
2 persons: 32,400 Yen
3 persons: 23,500 Yen
4 persons: 19,000 Yen
5 persons: 16,300 Yen
6 persons: 14,600 Yen
Opening Times
Weekdays 8:00 ~18:00
Saturdays and Sundays
6 hours
Minimum Participants for holding Tour: 1 person


Telephone Number

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