◆Winter Tour◆Enjoy the Benefits of Snow(Institute Yonezawa Convention & Tourism Bureau YAMAGATA ARCADIA Tourism Bureau)

◆Winter Tour◆Enjoy the Benefits of Snow

Eat warm ramen inside a large kamakura (a type of igloo residence with an altar enshrining the god of water)! Hot ramen and the unique atmosphere of the kamakura make a perfect match. In the evening, you will make lanterns for the Snow Light Corridor (a magical festival in which handmade lanterns illuminate the town). The snow will turn into a canvas lit up with candles, and you can enjoy a very mystical atmosphere. On the following day, in the morning, you will sample maple syrup, an extremely valuable natural sweetener. You will also get to enjoy sports unique to winter, such as snowmobile, banana boat, and snow tube. For lunch, you will have authentic Italian cuisine made with the finest ingredients at Farmhouse Restaurant Erbe.

General Information

山形県長井市東町2番50号 米沢市丸の内1-4-13
Price for 2 people: ¥96,580
Price for 4 people: ¥153,160
* Includes ¥40,000 2-day interpreter fee.
* Does not include transportation expenses.
* ¥23,100 for 2 days if you rent a car; ¥81,000 if you hire a taxi.
Opening Times
9:00am - 5:00pm
Open all year
1 night/2 days (Onogawa Onsen Kamakura Village 1 hour; Snow Light Corridor lantern making 1 hour; Maple syrup workshop 30 minutes; Snowmobile/Banana boat/Snow tube 1 hour)
COVID-19 Prevention Measures: Limiting or guiding visitors, providing hand sanitizing equipment, wearing masks, ventilating indoor spaces, performing temperature checks, disinfecting used areas, etc.


Telephone Number
0238-88-1831 0238-21-6226