Aizu Railway(Aizu Railway Co., Ltd.)

Running through the finest scenery, Aizu Railway

You can feel the long history of this castle town in the air, surrounded by rich scenery right out of a painting.

Aizu Railway lets visitors enjoy diverse areas of Aizu, ranging from must-see spots to those with distinctive features.

[Major Sightseeing Spots]

・Tsuruga Castle (Aizuwakamatsu Station)

   The symbol of Aizuwakamatsu. A great castle which endured an intense battle lasting almost a month during the Boshin Civil War.

・Ouchi-juku post town (Yunokami Onsen Station)

  Thatched private houses stand in a row along a highway, featuring an atmosphere unchanged since the Edo era.

・Tonohetsuri (Tonohetsuri Station)

  A superb landscape created by erosion and weathering over a long period of time.

General Information

大人1,910円 小人960円
"Nishi-Wakamatsu Station - Aizukogen-Ozeguchi Station \1,910 for Adults \960 for Children
Aizuwakamatsu Station – Aizu-Tajima
\1,690 for Adults \840 for Children
Numbered ticket for Torokko or trolley
\320 for Adults \160 for Children

Time Required: about 1 hour and 25 minutes
Minimum Number of Participants: 1 Person


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