Lodging at School Sansan-kan Inn(Hyakusenrenma Inc.)

Sleeps up to 20 guests! Experience staying at a retro school from the Showa era

A rare and valuable experience to stay at a retro school from the Showa era! Enjoy a rustic life surrounded by nature of Iriya.

The elementary school closed down in 1999 and was reborn as an inn from the desire to "keep the school around somehow." 

The exterior keeps a sense of retro-design the same as the old days’, but the interior is renovated in a comfortable atmosphere that does not detract from the desire to "stay at the school with friends."

Rooms of various types are available, including a single, twin, triple, and a room for six according to the number of guests.

General Information

\8,373 per person
Opening Times
Check-in 15:00 Check-out 10:00
2 days and 1 night ~
Minimum Number of Participants: 1 Person


Telephone Number