Private House Stay BAKKE(Hyakusenrenma, Inc.)

A old-fashioned farm village. Like in a grandmother’s house in the countryside visited on a holiday, time flows slowly.

A solitary cottage among the mountains.

There are no other houses nearby. Fields and mountains are laid out in front of the cottage and a small river is running in the back, where wild animals such as goats and tanuki (raccoon dogs), various insects, and birds can be seen. Enjoy playing in the river and going picnicking in the fields and mountains, while staying in a rustic house with Showa era nostalgia, as if you were visiting “your grandmother’s house in the countryside." How to spend your time is completely up to you. You can go walking and cycling through the villages and forests, barbecuing with delicious vegetables and meats from Tome or seafoods from Sanriku, go fishing for sweetfish or have fun in Futamata River, and more. This 4-bedroom inn is most suitable for a family or a group stay.

General Information

\5,000 per person
Opening Times
Check-in 14:00 Check-out 10:00
2 days and 1 night ~
Minimum Number of Participants: 1 Person


Telephone Number