Goshogawara Tachineputa

Powerful and definitely worth seeing

The Tachineputa held from 4 to 8 August every year in Goshogawara City is regarded as one of the three major Neputa of Aomori, alongside with Aomori and Hirosaki. The most marked characteristic of the Tachineputa is its massive size. Standing at about 23 meters tall and weighing approximately 19 tons, these giant Neputa exude immense power as they parade through the town to the calls of “Yattemare! Yattemare!” 

About 15 Neputa partake in the parade, including the three large-scale Tachineputa on display at Tachineputa no Yakata at the center of Goshogawara City, as well as small and medium Neputa made by the town, schools, and other hobby clubs. Each one is themed, and presented in detailed modelling and bright colors to bring out these themes. The exquisite balance between the powerful musical accompaniment and the gracefully lit Tachineputa is a must-see! 

Outside of the festival period, the Neputa can also be viewed as permanent exhibits at the Tachineputa no Yakata.

General Information

Opening Times
19:00 to 21:00
●Goshogawara Station on the JR Gono Line
●Goshogawara Interchange on the Tsugaru Expressway
Car Park
August 4 to 8 every year *The fireworks display takes place on August 3, so there will be no Tachineputa on that day.
Goshogawara City, Aomori Prefecture


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