Hachinohe Senbei-jiru

A local dish representing the Hachinohe region that sparked the local cuisine boom.

This local dish has been representative of the Hachinohe region for a long time. It is made by adding seasonal vegetables, tofu, and cracked special Nambu Senbei rice crackers (otsuyu senbei) into a pot of chicken and mackerel broth and then simmering it. The flavor soaks into the senbei and gives them a springy texture. Hachinohe Senbei-jiru was selected as one of the 100 best local dishes in 2007.

The ""B-1 Grand Prix,"" planned by the Hachinohe Senbei-jiru Laboratory and started at the Hachinohe Hasshoku Center in February 2006, is now a national event that has spread across the country so much so that everyone knows about it. In 2012, the Laboratory was awarded the cherished ""Gold Grand Prix."" There are restaurants in Hachinohe City that have ""Hachinohe Senbei-jiru Omotenashi Meisters"" who have graduated from the Hachinohe Senbei-jiru Laboratory's Omotenashi Academy. When you visit Hachinohe, be sure to savor the heartwarming Hachinohe Senbei-jiru!

*This information is current as of February 29, 2020.

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