The beloved sake brewery Yamato Sakura

~Sake brewing with inherited traditions~

Sajiemon Sato (Yamato Sakura) founded this sake brewery in 1890. Inheriting the old traditions, the brewers work together to brew sake using local Shonai rice, rice ideal for sake brewing, and water from the Gassan mountain river system. The sake is popular for its gentle flavor that reflects the pleasant characteristics of the Shonai Plain, a rice producing region. Since FY2011, the brewery has welcomed Masaru Sato, who had been brewing sake in the prefecture, as its chief brewer, and now brews sake with a new system.  In terms of the sake's characteristics, the Ginjo is brewed mainly with Yamagata yeast, Orize Yamagata, and other such ingredients. The Seisen refined class sake is brewed quickly by hand using Kyokai No. 7 with care. Under the eaves of the building is an owl talisman that brings good fortune, and cherry blossoms bloom in the spring, as the name Yamato Sakura implies. You can tour the brewery if you make a reservation. It is beloved by locals as a friendly sake brewery. It is located across the street from the Hanabusa Shoyu soy sauce brewery, and it takes about an hour and a half to enjoy visiting both facilities.

◆Cherry blossom tour in mid-April: Hanabusa cherry blossom viewing party and Yamato Sakura sake brewery.

◆Brewery tour to experience fermentation: Hanabusa and Yamato Sakura sake brewery (tours not available during the Yamato Sakura brewing period).

General Information

Opening Times
Opening hours: 8:00-17:00
Tour hours: 9:00-16:00
Weekends, holidays, summer holiday period (please inquire for details)
*Tours are not offered during the brewing season from November-March
A 15-minute walk from JR Amarume Station
Car Park
Yes/Parking space for large buses available
Official Website
Both individuals and groups are requested to make advance reservations


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