Lake Ogawara Activity(Lake Ogawara Kayak Lab)

Kayaking at Lake Ogawara!

Lake Ogawara is a shallow lake perfect for beginners to learn kayaking. You can see different scenery being on the surface of the lake. Kayaking is a popular activity that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age. 

Once you've tried kayaking, it's time to go on an adventure a little farther afield! If you join a kayaking tour, you can go to Lake Anenuma, which is connected to Lake Ogawara via a waterway. It is an exciting and adventurous experience for kayakers.

From June to September, kayaking in Odanai-numa is also recommended so you may see lotus flowers in full bloom. 

An additional recommendation is to go kayaking at sunset for a special time. 

In winter, you may enjoy walking on the ice. Lake Ogawara is a lake that can be enjoyed all year round.

 In addition to kayaking, there are also SUP experiences (standup paddleboarding) available, and outdoor cooking and BBQ grill rentals. After you've enjoyed activities, have some delicious food!

General Information

青森県三沢市三沢淋代平116-2858 小川原湖観光センターレークピア1階
●Kayak experience (1 hour): Adult: (high school age and older): 2,000 yen, Child: (5 years old to junior high school age): 1,500 yen
●Kayak tour (2 hours): Adult (high school age and older): 5,000 yen, Child (junior high school age): 3,000 yen
*Kayak tour is only available for those who have already participated in the Lake Ogawara kayaking experience.
●Ice walk + ice kayaking (2 hours): Adult (high school students and older, 150cm tall or taller): 5,000 yen
*For more details, please see the official website.
Opening Times
9:00-17:00 (May to October)
In other months, in accordance with reservations
Irregular holidays: Open every day in July and August
*Please check the calendar on the official website in advance.
15 minutes by car from Misawa Station (Aoimori Railway)
Car Park
●Parking is available.
Please use the parking lot by Lake Ogawara (in front of Lake Pier).
Official Website
Lake Ogawara Kayak Lab official website
Facebook Lake Ogawara Kayak Lab
・Please note that the tour may be cancelled suddenly due to heavy rain or bad weather, or at the discretion of the instructor.
・The experience fee includes instruction, equipment rental, and insurance.
・You will be contacted with details of what to wear and what to bring after your application is received.
・If you cancel on the day of the event, you will be charged the full amount of the cancellation fee. Photos and videos taken during the event may be posted on our website and used as publicity materials.
・If you participate in this event, you must acknowledge that you will participate at your own risk and that you will not be able to claim damages from the organizer under any circumstances.


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