Oku-Aizu View Point, Kaneyama Fureai Park(Kaneyama Town)

One of the most beautiful features of Kaneyama Town is how its landscape changes expression in each of the four seasons. See Oshi Village being enveloped by the river mist during and after rainy days from late spring to autumn, not to mention the JR Tadami Line running through hills of snow in winter.

You can even visit by walking along Route 252 from Aizu-Kawaguchi Station, selected as one of the 100 best stations in Tohoku, toward Aizu-Nakagawa Station.

Additionally, if you are driving, you may use a parking space on the side of Route 252. The parking lot also has benches, making it a great resting spot.

This season, make a visit to Kaneyama Fureai Hiroba, where you can see a variety of spectacular views from season to season!

General Information

Open all year round
●By public transportation
About 7 minutes on foot from Aizu Kawaguchi Station (JR Tadami Line)

●By car
About 40 minutes by car from the Aizu-Bange IC (Banetsu Expressway)
Car Park
5 spaces


Kaneyama Town Tourist Information Center
Telephone Number