Paint yawata-uma (Hachinohe horses) and make enburi mini-eboshi (ancient noble headgear)(Nejo Castle Site)

Experience the culture of the Hachinohe region with traditional art and crafts

[Yawata-uma painting] 

Yawata-uma is one of Japan's three major wooden horses and is a craft born from the Hachinohe region. 

In this region, it is customary for a bride to ride a horse decorated with colorful harnesses at her wedding, and the pattern of the yawata-uma is said to reflect the way real horses were traditionally adorned for the wedding.

At the historic remains of Ne Castle, anyone can try their hand at painting a yawata-uma, a traditional craft that is easy to do.

Groups are welcome. Please contact in advance.

□ Classic Course (time required: 30 minutes) 

Apply Japanese-patterned stickers to the yawata-uma (red or black) and draw patterns of white bells. 

□ Arranged Course (time required: 90 minutes) 

Use rhinestones and colored pens to decorate a small white yawata-uma and create your own cute Hachinohe horse. 

[Mini eboshi making] (time required: 60 minutes) 

Enburi, a folk performing art of the Hachinohe region, is said to have originated in medieval times to call forth spring and pray for a good harvest. 

You will be making a miniature eboshi hat, which is worn by the tayu, the main actor in the performance. 

The hat worn by the tayu represents a horse's head, and is decorated with auspicious designs such as cranes, turtles and Ebisu and Daikoku deities. 

○ When: Whenever there is interest

*Information is current as of February 8, 2022

General Information

□ Painting of Yawata-uma: Classic Course 1,500 yen, Arrange Course: 2,000 yen
□ Making a mini eboshi hat: 700 yen
Opening Times
・ Mondays (open on the first Monday of the month and on public holidays)
・ The day after a public holiday (open on Saturday and Sunday)
・ Year-end and New Year's holidays (Dec. 27 to Jan. 4)
15 minutes by bus from JR Hachinohe Station
10 minutes by car from Hachinohe Interchange
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