Nakamachi Komise Street

A wooden arcade that has remained since the feudal government period.

This arcade has remained from the feudal government period. It was indispensable to the inns, kimono shops, and stores that lined the streets as it blocked the hot sun in summer and protected people from blizzards and snow accumulation in winter. The reason it remains preserved was because no other place in Japan is like this area, so it was designated as one of Japan's top streets in August 1989, and as an Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings in July 2005. The scenery with the Takahashi Family Residence, a national Important Cultural Property, as well as the sake breweries, warehouses, and other buildings lined on the arcade are all reminiscent of the old days. Please enjoy the atmospheric streets. 

<Tourist facilities and more on Nakamachi Komise Street>

■Narumi Family Residence, Narumi Family Garden (Narumi Brewery)

■Tsugaru Komise Station

■Ujaku Akita Memorial Hall

■Private Museum of Composers Related to Kuroishi

■Takahashi Family Residence

■Kaguji Square

■Japanese-style restaurant Miyuki

■Terayama mochi rice cake store

■Nishitani Family Residence (Komise Art Gallery)

■Fire Department, Third Branch, Third Fire Brigade

■Matsuno Yu Community Center

■Matsubado Matsumura

General Information

Opening Times
Weekends and holidays
About a 10-minute walk from Kuroishi Station on the Konan Railway
About 9 minutes by car from the Kuroishi IC of the Tohoku Expressway
Car Park
Please use the Kuroishi City Hall parking lot, Matsuno Yu Community Center parking lot, etc. (Free of charge)
There is also a paid parking lot within about a 3-minute walk


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