Komachi Festival

Komachi Matsuri

Be taken back to ancient Japan by these graceful women in period costumes!

Yuzawa city in Akita prefecture was the hometown of the ancient poet Ono no Komachi, renowned for her timeless beauty, during Japan’s Heian period (794-1185).

The Komachi Festival is held at Komachido Temple, an eye-catching vermillion building enshrining Ono no Komachi, on the second Sunday of June, when the local peonies are in full bloom. 

On the eve of the festival a celebration takes place including dancing and Taiko drumming performances and a play about the life of the beautiful poet Komachi, whose life was full of intrigue.

The festival itself features seven local women dressed in elegant costumes of the Heian period reading out the poems of Komachi. There is also a charming procession of children in vibrant traditional costumes. Visitors will get opportunities to photograph the women in costume as they are taken back to the Heian period during this festival of traditional Japanese arts!

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