Tomiyado Tourism Exchange Station

A hub for community development that envisions the next 100 years of Tomiyado

The Tomiyado Tourism Exchange Station is located on the site of the former Uchigasaki soy sauce shop in Shinmachi district, which still retains the atmosphere of a former inn town.

By developing a base for tourism exchange that takes advantage of the area’s historical resources and background that can also be used for practicing and encouraging entrepreneurship and business startups, to foster an environment place where people can learn about the history and culture of this inn town. At the same time, the station hopes to expand touristic exchange, engender increased earning power of the region, and revitalize the local economy.

The facilities include the Uchigasaki Sakusaburo Memorial Hall (historical and cultural heritage center), the Challenge Hall (restaurants), and stores located in old private townhouses and warehouses selling products unique to Tomiya City.

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General Information

Opening Times
(Before public holidays, Fridays and Saturdays: until 21:00)
Tuesdays (or the following day if Tuesday falls on a public holiday)
About 20 minutes by car from Izumi-chuo Subway Station
Official Website
Tomiya Shinmachi, an Oshu Kaido Road inn town


Planning Policy Division, Planning Department, Tomiya City
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