Hoshinomura Observatory, a treasure house for astronomical observation surrounded by rich nature

[Special Event] Look through an actual space telescope so you too can be an astronomer!

Surrounded by the rich nature and fresh air of the Abukuma Mountains, the town of Takine, away from Tamura City, is a perfect spot for astronomical observation. 

This 16-meter high, three-story facility has an exhibition room on the first floor, an administration room on the second floor, and a half-dome shaped observation room with a diameter of 6.5 meters on the third floor. 

The dome is particularly noted for having a reflecting astronomical telescope with a diameter of 650 mm, the largest of its kind in Fukushima Prefecture.

It is connected to a computer system that indicates the direction in which the telescope is pointing on the constellations chart. 

■Daytime Observatory 

[Telescope Tour] 

Observe through a reflecting astronomical telescope with a diameter of 650 mm. 

The telescope is equipped with a special filter, so you can even observe the sun on a clear day. 


The observatory also has a planetarium where even beginners can easily understand and enjoy the mysteries of the universe through original programs that include various projections of star charts and skies of the surrounding area. 

■Nighttime Observatory (held every Saturday) 

[Starry Sky Tour] 

See the moon, planets, and other seasonal stars through an actual astronomical telescope. 

Observe the actual starry sky that night from the rooftop of the observatory.

The Hoshinomura Observatory, with its extensive knowledge of astronomy, invites many people to explore the mysteries of space. If you have never seen the stars up close, visit the Hoshinomura Observatory! 

■Tohoku DC Special Event! 

A special chance to operate the observatory's equipment. There will also be special experiences such as a night sky photoshoot and lectures on telescopes. Join the event for your study project during the summer break! 

*Date TBD. Reservations are required (number of participants limited). 

Details will be announced on the Hoshinomura Observatory official website. "https://www.city.tamura.lg.jp/soshiki/20/"

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General Information

Telescope Tour: 500 yen for adults, 300 yen for children
Planetarium: 500 yen for adults, 300 yen for children
Nighttime Tour: 500 yen for adults, 300 yen for children
Opening Times
April to September 10:00-17:00
October to March 10:00-16:00
April to November: Tuesday
December to March: Tuesday/Wednesday
20 minutes from Ono Interchange and Tamura Smart Interchange (Ban'etsu Expressway)
10 minutes by taxi from Kanmata Station (Ban'etsu East Line)
Car Park
Official Website
Hoshinomura Observatory Fukushima Prefecture Tamura City Official Website


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