Minato Shiogama Kaiho Curry

Miyagi Coast Guard's traditional curry can be enjoyed at restaurants in Shiogama

Kaiho Curry can be eaten on the ship of the Miyagi Coast Guard in Shiogama. 

The chef has a curry recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation and is still served to sailors at lunch when they arrive at port to mark the end of their voyage. 

The Minato Shiogama Kaibo Curry, which faithfully recreates the recipe, comes in three varieties: beef, seafood, and fruit keema, and can be enjoyed at restaurants in Shiogama. 

You will also receive a Kaiho Curry Card after eating at the restaurant. 

Retort pouch curry that recreates the taste of Minato Shiogama Kaiho Curry as well as related products such as curry rice crackers, curry cookies, and curry pies are also available as souvenirs.

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