Tsuburaya Eiji Museum

The Tsuburaya Eiji Museum honors the achievements of Eiji Tsuburaya, a movie director from Sukagawa known as the "Master of Special Effects." 

The museum conveys to children the importance of learning, the beauty of taking on challenges, and aims to inspire the next generation of creators. In addition to introducing Eiji's 68-year career and personality through panels and video interviews, the museum displays videos and sculptures showing how to create special effects, as well as displays of relevant books that can be used for inspiration. The facility explores the achievements of Eiji Tsuburaya and showcases the appeal of special effects. 

■Eiji Tsuburaya's Chronicle Box 

Dividing his life into seven stages in chronological order, follow his life by taking a closer look at turning points in his life. 

■Imagination Atelier

Eiji Tsuburaya conveys to children the importance of learning through exhibits and books from fields such as biology and mechanics. 

■Studio Facilities

There is a miniature diorama of the Toho Studio Facilities (today's Toho Studios), where the director worked on many of his films. 

■The Eiji Tsuburaya Network Wall

Features a Special Effects Relay, an interview video that unravels Eiji's personality, and the Network Wall where you can search for related works and get a glimpse into his interpersonal relationships. In the hands-on Craft Kaijudai Koshin, visitors can create their own original monster.

General Information

Opening Times
Year-end and New Year's Holiday
●By public transportation
20 minute walk from Sukagawa Station (Tohoku Main Line)
2 minute walk from Sukagawa Nakamachi bus stop
●By car
10 minutes drive from Sukagawa Interchange (Tohoku Expressway)
Car Park
Parking lot in the facility
Free for up to 2 hours (300 yen per hour)
1 hour


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