Explore Hachimantai: E-Biking Tour

Embark on an exciting tour using the latest E-Bikes! E-bikes, or in this case electronic mountain bikes, are bicycles combining the rugged capabilities of a mountain bike with a high-performance electric motor to provide motive assistance. The result is that even the roughest terrain becomes a breeze to traverse, no matter what your fitness level is! That’s the beauty of E-bikes.

This tour will take you to several must-see spots around Hachimantai, all while letting you take in gorgeous views of Mt. Iwate. These include sprawling green pastures that stack up even to Hokkaido, the scenic Panorama Line road, mystical forest paths along Mt. Iwate’s slopes, the Matsukawa Gorge, the Kanazawa Shimizu spring, the Yakehashiri Lava Flow (a specially designated natural monument), and a stop for lunch in Hachimantai’s hidden eatery in the woods, Mori-no-Italian. Your guide, certified by the Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association, will be there to support you every step of the way.

Whether it’s in the viridian green of June or the autumn gradients of October, you’ll have a great time.

※Due to limitations on available bike sizes, all participants must be at least 150cm in height.

※No experience with mountain biking is necessary, and participants of all fitness levels may apply.

※To reserve online, please click here (Link to reservation form on official homepage)

General Information

¥17,600/person (includes tax)
Foreign visitors: ¥21,120/person (includes tax)

What the price includes:
Gear rentals (bike, helmet, pads)
Domestic travel insurance (for foreigners, this only includes liability)
*Foreign travelers are ineligible for the insurance policy we use, so please ensure you have your own insurance.
Opening Times
Tour schedule:
Duration: 9:00 – 14:30 (approximate)
Availability: June to late-October
Car: Tohoku Expressway, exit via Matsuo-Hachimantai IC, 5min drive from IC
Train: Ride from Morioka Station to Tairadate Station via Hanawa Line, 15min drive from there (free pickup available from Tairadate Station)
Bus: 80min ride from Morioka Station (East Exit, Bus Platform 3) on route bound for Mt. Hachimantai Summit, get off at Matsuo Mine Archive Museum (free pickup available from museum)
*Please ask about pickups from nearby hotels/inns.
Car Park
Available (8 spots)
Official Website
Clubmman Mountain Guide
From meetup to sendoff, approx. 6 hours
Eligible participants: Individuals aged 6 and older, who are capable of riding a bicycle, and at least 150cm in height. Participants may join regardless of experience or fitness level.

Minimum group size: 2/Maximum group size: 6
*Solo tours are possible if the participant is willing to pay the price of two people.

What to bring:
Brimmed hat (to wear under helmet)
Hand towel
Change of clothes
Gloves (thin enough for biking)
Small bag (for carrying water and accessories; shoulder bags cannot be used)

What to wear:
Clothes are easy to move in and okay to get dirty (we recommend long sleeves and pants to help avoid injury)
Comfortable and rugged shoes
Long socks
Light jacket (in case of wind or rain)
Phone or web form (must apply at least 3 days in advance)


Clubmman Mountain Guide
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