Kamome no Tamago no Sohonten Kamome Terrace

New "head office" of the well-known "Kamome no Tamago" (Seagull's Egg) confectionery company, Saito Seika

Kamome Terrace opened in 2017 as the new "head office" of Saito Seika, which manufactures and sells the famous Sanriku confectionery "Kamome no Tamago" (Kamome's eggs). The shop offers a diverse lineup of products, including Kamome no Tamago, Japanese and Western confections, a bakery, and a Saito rice cake shop corner. The shop also has a workshop where visitors can observe the confectionery production process and enjoy the Kamome no Tamago decoration experience held on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. The "Engawa Cafe," an eat-in and café space, is a relaxing space that resembles a "veranda. In addition to serving purchased items, it is also a convenient place to take a break. The "Kamome Soft," made with "Kamome no Tamago" (Seagull's Egg) yellowish red bean paste, is also very popular.


General Information

7-31 Aza-chayamae, Ofunato-cho, Ofunato-shi, Iwate
Opening Times
January 1
Car Park
Accommodates large buses
Official Website


Saito Confectionery Co.
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