2021 Kagamiishi Rice Field Art (Kagamiishi, Fukushima Prefecture)

"A picture book viewed from the window - a new kind of library"

The Kagamiishi Rice Field Art started in 2012. These beautiful works can be viewed from the observation room on the fourth floor of the Kagamiishi Town Library. Since it is viewed from the library, the concept of the field art is "a picture book viewed from the window - a new kind of library," and each year, the theme of the art is taken from nursery rhymes and fairy tales related to picture books. 

Nine different types of rice plants in six different colors are grown to create the patterns. The best part is watching the seedlings grow to form these pieces of art, while the best time to view the art is from July to August.

Events scheduled for the art include the Rice-Planting Festival in late May, opening for public viewing in June, the Rice Harvesting Festival in mid-October, and viewing of the Kirakira Art starting in mid-November. These events mean that visitors can enjoy the Rice Field Art throughout the year. 

・Tohoku DC (Destination Campaign) Special Event! 

"Town Treasure Hunt in Kagamiishi" 

This event will be held in Kagamiishi, starting at the Kagamiishi Rice Field Art and ending at the Iwase Farm Giant Corn Maze. 

Enjoy the nature of Kagamiishi! And find lots of treasure!

Those who find the most treasure will be entered into a draw to win some of the town's local specialties! 

*Period and details TBD. 

Details will be announced on the Kagamiishi Town official website "https://www.town.kagamiishi.fukushima.jp/"

General Information

Opening Times
Mondays (or Tuesdays when Monday is a public holiday)
1-minute walk from Kagamiishi Station (JR Tohoku Main Line), 5-minute drive from Kagamiishi Smart Interchange (Tohoku Expressway)
Car Park
Cars: 40 spaces
Official Website
Kagamiishi Town home page


Kagamiishi Rice Field Art Executive Committee (Kagamiishi Town Industry Division)
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