Nanyo Chrysanthemum Festival

A traditional chrysanthemum festival that glitters with the skills of the chrysanthemum doll makers and flower artists

The Nanyo Chrysanthemum Festival is held annually from early October to mid-November around the Kumano-taisha Shrine and at the Nanyo Central Flower Park.

In 1912, chrysanthemum dolls were displayed for the first time in ryotei (traditional Japanese restaurants), and since the following year, a chrysanthemum fair has been held.

Nanyo's chrysanthemum festival has the longest history as a chrysanthemum festival in Japan.

The chrysanthemum dolls are displayed at the Nanyo Central Flower Park from mid-October to mid-November.

The chrysanthemum dolls are made according to a theme, and several different kinds of chrysanthemums are used to make them look as if they are wearing brightly colored kimonos.

In addition, large-flowered chrysanthemums are lined up at the chrysanthemum fair, drawing visitors in with the fascination of chrysanthemums.

The Miyauchi venue near Kumano-taisha Shrine will be decorated with floral art from early to mid-October. Kumano-taisha Shrine will become colorful. Watch out for the skills of designers and floral artists.

General Information

Miyauchi Venue:
Approx. 16 minutes by car from Nanyo Takahata IC on the Tohoku Chuo Expressway

Flower Park Venue:
Approx. 13 minutes by car from Nanyo Takahata IC on the Tohoku Chuo Expressway
Early October to mid-November


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