Nanyo Chrysanthemum Festival

A traditional chrysanthemum festival that glitters with the skills of the chrysanthemum doll makers and flower artists

Nanyo Chrysanthemum Festival is held around Kumano Taisha Shrine and Nanyo Chuo Flower Park from early October to mid-November every year. Chrysanthemum dolls were first displayed in a restaurant in 1912. A chrysanthemum flower fair was then held from the following year. This festival, which has been held more than 100 times, has the longest history in Japan as a chrysanthemum festival decorated with chrysanthemum dolls.

Nanyo Chuo Flower Park is home to gorgeous chrysanthemum dolls that glitter with the skills inherited through the generations by the Kikuchi Family - flower doll makers - from mid-October to mid-November. The chrysanthemum dolls are made with various types of chrysanthemum to suit the theme each year. It looks exactly like they are wearing brightly colored kimonos. There are approximately 1,000 chrysanthemums at the chrysanthemum flower show that brings together chrysanthemums raised by chrysanthemum lovers in Yamagata Prefecture. The show features large gorgeous chrysanthemums flowers that have been raised with great care. You will be drawn to the show by the charms of the chrysanthemums.

The Miyauchi venue around Kumano Taisha Shrine is decorated with flower art from early to mid-October. This gives brilliant color to Kumano Taisha Shrine that boasts a history of more than 1,200 years. Observe the sophisticated techniques of the designers and flower artists. You will surely be attracted by the distinctive atmosphere in particular on the day when the flower art is illuminated. There are also days when a market is held with stalls selling coffee, snacks and general goods.

General Information

Miyauchi Venue:
Approx. 16 minutes by car from Nanyo Takahata IC on the Tohoku Chuo Expressway

Flower Park Venue:
Approx. 13 minutes by car from Nanyo Takahata IC on the Tohoku Chuo Expressway
Early October to mid-November


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