Shirakami Negi (Noshiro, Akita Prefecture)

The best-selling premium green onions in Akita

Shirakami Negi are premium green onions produced in Noshiro, an area that benefits from the rich blessings of Shirakami Mountains. 

Noshiro is the largest producer of green onions in the prefecture, which boasts an abundant harvest of Summer Negi, Autumn Winter Negi and Yuki Naka Negi (green onions grown in snow). 

The Autumn Winter Negi, grown from October to December, are particularly sweet and of excellent quality. They are thick, soft, and have a nice crunch to them. 

An official mascot character named Shirakami Neginon is inspired by Shirakami Negi and helps to promote the green onions. 

For more information on the cultivation and history of green onions, please contact the Environment and Industry Department, Noshiro City Office ⇒0185-74-5888 

For information on the sale and purchase of green onions, please contact the JA Akita Shirakami Sales Division⇒0185-55-0778

General Information

Approx. 45 minutes from Odate-Noshiro Airport by car
10 minutes by car from Noshiro Higashi Interchange (Akita Expressway)


Akita Shirakami Agricultural Cooperative, Sales Division
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